and unpacking


To avoid major disruption to your day-to-day life, our professional moving staff can pack your household items within an agreed time frame. The use of high-quality packing materials assures you that your goods are safely prepared for the move.

• Donoghue Removals professionally packs all of the household goods and effects in your home.

• All materials used are designed specifically to protect your valuable assets in transit.

• Fragile items such as china and glassware are wrapped in specialised paper and then packed in double-thickness cartons.

• Each household item to be moved is labelled individually and an inventory list prepared.

Quality of packing is the key to a successful relocation. Our staff are fully trained moving professionals who can pack everything in your home. You not only benefit from our expertise but it reduces the burden on your family significantly during the relocation process.


To assist you in all your packing needs Donoghue Removals can provide you will all your packing needs.

  • • Standard Cartons
  • • Book or Crystal Cartons
  • • Mattress Protectors
  • • Porter Robes
  • • Picture Packs


Moving should not be a total upheaval or a totally exhausting task. It should be achieved with a minimum of stress.

When you arrive at your new location, instead of finding boxes upon boxes, wouldn’t you like to find the plates in their right place, the beds made, the furniture assembled, and the boxes nowhere in sight?

We offer a complete packing – furniture removals – unpacking service which will make your move pleasurable.