Donoghue Removals offers a safe, clean and secure storage option for your effects whilst in transit or long-term storage. When in our care your effects will be stored in purpose-built modules designed to enhance the security and safety of each item.

We are able to store carpets and rugs in specially designed storage areas that ensure that each item is kept in the best possible condition.

With no restrictions on time or freight, our 1000m2 + of storage can accommodate your furniture, motor vehicle, boat or motorcycle. You own it, we can store it. The peace of mind that is derived from the knowledge that your goods are safe and secure is our pride to offer.

What Can I Store?

Donoghue Removals will provide storage for just about anything. The only exceptions are the following items:

  • • Living items such as animals and plants
  • • Hazardous materials such as flammable liquids
  • • Explosives in any shape or form and whether sealed or otherwise
  • • Pesticides in any shape or form and again regardless if sealed or not
  • • Paint products or thinners and turpentine
  • • Petrol, Kerosene, Diesel or Oil
  • • Any illegal substance
  • • Anything that can decompose, such as foodstuffs or organic material
  • • Firearms of any sort
  • • Stolen goods, or goods obtained via unlawful means

By ensuring these basic rules are adhered to by all of our clients, we ensure that every clients belongings are always kept safe from damage, and all accelerants are removed from our facility to ensure a fire safe environment.